Service Offerings

The type of therapy we offer tends to gear more toward, but is certainly not limited to, active-striving populations. Say what?

More simply put, we have noticed that people who are consciously working toward activity-related goals, whether it's being able to walk up stairs comfortably or train for their sixth marathon, benefit from this work the most. If you have any questions about the services below or wonder if we're a good fit, please feel free to contact us and we can talk through your specific needs.  

Table Massage

This is the massage session you dream of and crave. Often addressing the full-body, disrobed with creams or oils, this type of modality works deep into the layers of the muscle and fascia, helping to relieve slight to severe tension or adhesion in the tissue. You’ll recognize this session as a traditional table massage, but with a strategic approach to address dysfunction in certain areas of the body.

Clinical Massage

Admittedly, the name sounds a little sterile. Rest assured, this slow approach to pain, limited range of motion, and injury recovery, addresses each layer of muscle in turn. To get deep, you’ve gotta go slow and that’s what this specific style of deep tissue does. Beginning with warming techniques to prepare the deeper, underlying structures, this modality builds to productive intensity at a mindful pace.

This modality is best suited for specific ailments and injuries.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage uses active and passive range of motion, and specialized stretching, and rhythmic compression that is tailored to each client’s muscular patterns. Contrary to its name, Sports Massage can benefit every body, athletic or not. This is a clothed table session.

If you are an athlete anywhere from novice to elite, you may have already experienced the benefits of this type of massage before, during or after an event. Sports Massage both helps prep your body to perform as well as helps you recover from massive energy expenditures or even injury.

If, however, you work at a desk, have limited movement throughout the day and/or are otherwise performing repetitive motions regularly, those tension patterns you’re acquiring can become problematic over time. Sports massage can help smooth out these small injuries for a better functioning body.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a clothed, table-based stretch session that gently unwinds the connective tissue so the body becomes more open. The fascia, also known as the connective tissue, is a matrix that winds throughout everything in the body and houses nerves, lymph fluid and blood vessels. When the fascia becomes constricted, the entire fascial system is affected, and can result in poor circulation, stiffness and most of all, ambiguous pain.

Most of Maggie’s FST sessions also combine a small amount of muscle compression. These sessions are best for bodies that feel generally stiff all over but bodies with chronic tension are welcome.

Private Self-Massage Coaching

Take charge of your pain--understand it, treat it, heal it. In our private rolling sessions we will talk through your chronic or acute pain symptoms and create a home-practice plan to get you out of pain on your own time and terms.

Your participation and homework is the key to your self-care regimen—all rolling equipment is provided for our session and available for purchase afterward, if needed.