Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST is simply put, the most effective and powerful form of musculoskeletal pain relief available. 

Fascia runs in specific lines throughout the body that not only determine the whole body's movement or lack thereof, but is also where nerves, blood vessels and lymph move through. It's a network that all your tissues rely upon. When fascia becomes "snagged" in any part of its' line due to postural habits or injury, these systems of movement, lymph, circulation, feeling and brain communication stop working as well as they could.

To open and mobilize the fascia therefore, creates incredible harmony within the body's chemical reactions via the musculoskeletal, nervous, lymph and circulatory systems.

Imagine how you could feel if everything in your body worked as optimally as it was able to?  

Through FST, it can.

Benefits of FST include but are not limited to:

  1. Most Optimal Mobility and Performance
  2. Increased Range of Motion
  3. Significant Decrease in General Pain
  4. Enhanced Brain Function
  5. Better Emotional Balance
  6. Improved Sleep Patterns
  7. Increased Energy
  8. Better Digestive Functions
  9. Effective, yet Pain-Free Treatment Sessions
  10. For Any and Every Population

Fascial Stretch Therapy FAQs

What is a session like?

FST is done on the massage table with no sheets or lotion. The client wears comfy and flexible clothing. An ideal, full body session runs for 90 minutes, while an abbreviated, more focused session can run for a minimum of an hour.

If I'm stretched for a whole hour, will I even be able to walk afterwards?

FST is extremely non-invasive, and is designed to relax your tissues and open your joints, making you feel more mobile and optimal. If you're slightly sore the next day, your tissue could be adapting to trying to be more flexible, but you should never feel stiff after a session, as the goal is the opposite.

It sounds painful. Is it painful?

As long as you and I can communicate effectively, FST will never, ever cause pain. Our focus is to bring your nervous system into a very relaxed state during the session, not amp it up and anger it with over-stretching or causing discomfort. Less truly is more in FST, as taking your nerves into a relaxed state will create an incredibly productive stretch.

Why is it different from the stretching I can do on my own?

Tractioning joints is a huge part of making this therapy work. 50% of your mobility is sitting in your joint, which is something uneasily released through stretching your own muscles and tissues. Because FST tractions the joint in the beginning of every stretch, you are able to get 50% more mobility than you would on your own. That openness at the base of the stretch then carries through to the tissues, all the way out to the end of your limb. Magic.

How long do the results last?

Longer than a massage alone. Fascia is an extremely adaptable organism, so we can tailor your FST to meet your goals. If you're aiming to become more optimal at your sport or lifestyle, you'll come in frequently at first, and taper down as needed once your fascia has adapted to the new state of flexibility. If you're stiff from recent unusual activity, it may take just one session to get you back to feeling normal. 

Is the client completely passive?

No. You as the client are very relaxed, as we've taken your nerves to a place where they will accept change. However, in order to achieve better flexibility, I'll constantly be cueing your breathing, asking you to activate certain muscles here and there, and having you change positions throughout the session. After your first time, it will feel like a second-nature dance that we'll flow through together.